What are Singing Bowls?

Singing bowls are instruments that have been used for centuries by Tibetan monks and eastern healers. Traditionally singing bowls are made of metal using the 7 auspicious metals (gold, copper, silver, iron, tin, mercury and lead). Today, you can also find singing bowls made from quartz crystal as we use in our sound healing sessions due to their enhanced ability to promote healing and deep relaxation. 


What is different about our singing bowls?

The singing bowls we use in our sound healing sessions are quartz crystal singing bowls that have been tuned to 432 Hz. Why 432 Hz? This particular frequency has been used for thousands of years by ancient healers and composers for its profound potential to heal. 


Why quartz crystal?

Clear quartz is a very powerful healing crystal. It has the properties of being able to transmute, cleanse and clear. Quartz crystal singing bowls are one of very few instruments capable of producing a 'pure tone'. This consequently allows for the correction of imbalances present in our bodies. the resonance produced by these magnificent bowls also reverberates throughout the cells within the body resulting in the stimulation of healing and the release of chemicals that have a role in pain reduction and stress relief.