It was a very blissful private session with two lovely souls.
Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to try something different or has done it before <3 

Diana P.

Wow! The Twin Soul Sounds crystal bowl sound healing has changed my life! I left the first session with a new voice - having broken through previous trauma stored in my throat. My second session has left me feeling completely changed - optimistic and excited about my future. I can see how this healing technique can have a dramatic and profound impact on anyone. If you’re struggling in your life and/or health, give this a go - you won’t be disappointed.

Ingrid M. 

Sound Bath with Twin Soul Sounds is a very gentle way to be with yourself whilst with others. The bowls' tones wash over you as you are initially vocally guided by Alisha then further nurtured & carried away with Sachdave's playing.


My Highest Recommendation!!!

Over the past 4-5yrs I’ve been faced with multiple dark situations that came at me from every direction. I dealt with those challenges consistently displaying unimaginable strength. I didn’t notice at the time that I must have been on “auto pilot mode” because on the inside I was a suppressed mess. At some point it was so bad that I didn’t even recognize myself anymore and felt entirely disconnected in every way.

That feeling then triggered many hrs spent analyzing Me. Discovering who I was, who I have been, who i am, who I want to be and why, past trauma, energies, frequencies, crystals, spirituality, destiny and the list goes on....

My dark days and self discovery lead me in your direction. Attending the sound healing session has greatly impacted my life’s journey.

Presently, for the very first time in what has felt like forever, I’m no longer feeling numb, I've gained clarity, direction and a knowing that I have connected with my life’s purpose.

I am forever grateful and look forward to continuing my journey with Twinsoulsounds