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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sound Healing

Just like you, we were drawn to the beauty and magnificence of the sound produced by singing bowls. These bowls are not only pretty to look at but produce sound waves and resonance that balances our energy, increase cellular vitality, promote a meditative state, relieves stress, amplifies focus and deep relaxation, inhibits pain perception and promotes cellular healing and homeostasis.

Various studies have shown the profound healing benefits of sound on our minds and bodies. Many spiritual 'gurus' have also used sound healing for centuries due to its ability to balance the 'chakras'-energy centres of the body and alter the vibratory state of cells to that of a healing state-the natural state of our bodies. 

Although the singing bowls' sound and resonance is mostly perceived aurally, its benefits stretch far beyond the physical. Sound therapy releases energetic blockages and aligns us with divine inspiration.

Come with us on this journey of sound! 

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  • Sound Healing

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

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