About Us

Alisha Ippolito & Sachdave Singh

B. Biomedicine, Level 1 Success Coaches, Intuitive Sound Healers & Reiki Practitioners

Welcome from Alisha and Sachdave. We appreciate your presence and are excited to embark upon this journey of sound healing with you all. 

Our formal education is in Biomedicine which we received from the University of Melbourne. Our studies have helped us to understand and appreciate the human body in a very visceral way. Through combining this with the knowledge of sound in physics and the spiritual realm, we have developed a deep understanding of the profound impact that sound can have on the body. Sound has been proven to influence our emotions, electromagnetic frequency and overall vibration of the body. 

Since our uni days, we have ventured into the world of sound through our singing bowls. The greatest pleasure we receive from our sound healing sessions is the breakthroughs our clients receive. Some relief from physical pain, emotional healing and even reconnecting to meditation in a new way. 

Sound provides the perfect space for individuals to enter a meditative state and seek the answers to questions they had within themselves. We are very blessed to be on this journey and look forward to interacting with other souls on their own sound healing journey. 

Sound Healers