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What is QHHT?

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Sach is a qualified Level 1 QHHT practitioner and was trained by Dolores Cannon (the pioneer of QHHT).

This powerful emerging technique is one that brings great clarity and ease to the individual. Sach works with the your Higher-self to access past lives and receive answers to any questions you may have.

The Higher-self is the expanded aspect of one's self that knows all and sees all. It holds all the answers we seek. To access this powerful aspect of you, Sach will place you in a somnambulistic state (a state of deep relaxation).  

The entire session is guided by one's Higher-self who loves you very much. All the past lives seen are picked by the Higher-self and will be very applicable to the client's current life. 

Many clients have reported to receive spontaneous healing from physical conditions and discomforts such as chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, cancer and many others.

The entire session goes for 4-6 hours and is recorded.

QHHT Testimonials

I had a past life regression with Sach and wow what an experience! His voice is so calming and soothing I fell straight into a deeply relaxed state. We discovered much about why I am who I am in this life and did some healing in the process. I highly recommend him and this method in general, thank-you!

Amanda - Ferntree Gully, VIC 

Had an amazing QHHT session with Sach.

A very uplifting, safe and enlightening experience! Sach has an energy about him that is very conducive to feeling totally safe under hypnosis. He's certainly an old knowledgeable soul! Thankyou also for the HS connection which blew me away. If you have never tried this before or need questions answered to unresolved health/life issues, Sach is your man!

Naina - Greensborough, VIC

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I recently experienced a QHHT session with Sach. I did not know what to expect but my heart was open and I felt at ease. The experience was uplifting, insightful and the messages will help me move forward on my path. Thank you Twin Soul Sounds for sharing your gifts and connecting us through sound, soul consciousness, love and light. I highly recommend.

Natasha - Seaford, VIC